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An awful accident resulting in the loss of an arm may be the end for some people. For Logan Aldridge, it has only made the thrill of victory sweeter. He is still the amazing athlete who wins competitions and impresses judges with his speed, strength, and agility.

Logan was the youngest competitor and placed 2nd in wakeboarding at the 2006 O&P Extremity Games for amputees. He took 3rd at the 2nd Annual Ex Games and is shooting for a 1st place finish in ’08 to round out the top three coveted spots!

He was chosen as Captain on his Varsity lacrosse team at his school, snowboards, and shoots under 100 on the golf course! Logan also enjoys most sports, fishing, and surfing.


LAX player Logan Aldridge has the ability to ignite your youth campers with passion for the game and a passion for life. Download the following PDF to find out how Logan can inspire your campers to go Beyond Expectations.
Logan was chosen as Captain of his Varsity LAX team at his High School and almost never leaves the field making him a value part of the Ravenscroft High School team.

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With a customized bike, he is now taking on Motocross. What seems to be impossible to some is just another day at the track for Logan. I am sure we will see him competing at the Extremity Games in the Motocross category very soon!

Logan also enjoys fishing and can shoot under 100 on the golf course!